Our Mission

We are the Force Detectors, four passionate and highly motivated biomedical engineers that strive to make medical devices safer for everyone. Come and see how and why we do so.

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Our Services

We offer innovative engineering solutions to address unmet clinical needs in the healthcare and medical device industries. See how we've accomplished this for one of our previous clients and how we are pivoting to address unmet needs associated with COVID-19.

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Our Advantage

With The Force Detectors, our clients are able to work directly with the engineers responsible for completing key deliverables. This provides our clients with the greatest clarity and transparency when it comes to project updates.

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About Us

Get to know The Force Detectors team, and connect with us on LinkedIn!

Rioneil Arias

As a graduating fourth year Biomedical Engineering undergraduate at the University of California, Irvine, I strive to translate my technical and academic skills into viable products and services for the medical device industry. My main priority is always the end user -- the people directly impacted by my work.

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Bianca Hung

As a graduating fourth year biomedical engineering student at UCI, I aim to assist the medical industry’s vision in developing medical devices and services that will prioritize the health and safety of patients. By applying my experience, knowledge, and skills in this field, I hope to better the outcomes of current unmet clinical needs and challenges to medical device innovation.

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Mary Garcia

As a graduating Biomedical Engineer and soon to be young professional, I am committed to continuously working towards addressing unmet clinical needs through the development of new and innovative medical technology with the potential to improve and save patients’ lives.

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Fredeswinda Torres

As a graduating Biomedical Engineering student at the University of California Irvine, I seek to use my technical and interpersonal skills from my undergraduate experience to develop more accessible and affordable solutions to unmet needs in the medical device industry. For me, the patients' needs and quality of life and care come first.

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